Project Highlights


Estimated 1 million annual visitors


Significant contribution and EBITDA margins

Break Even

Projected break even in year two


Abundant housing, hotel, restaurant & retail ancillary opportunities

Real Estate

Seeking Acreage in Los Angeles or Orange Country

We are seeking 20-40 acre locations in Los Angeles and Orange County that are suitable for the commercial recreational use of the Surf Lakes wave pool. We will also consider sites that are conducive as an anchor amenity in large scale residential development projects.

This land should be within a jurisdiction that favors, and ideally is entitled, for projects such as these and where it is likely to be supported through the Environmental Review (CEQA) process.

Site Parameters
  •  20~40 acres
  • Water infrastructure to accommodate 20 million gallon initial fill and up to 5 million gallons annually
  • Adequate roads and other infrastructure to support up to 1 million annual visitors 
  • Zoned for Recreation and/or Commercial use
  • Digging depth of 40 feet at center
  • Lake size of 12-14 acres
Investment Opportunities

We are entertaining investments for the operating companies of the wave pools. These must be accredited investors.

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