Surf Lakes SOCAL is seeking Real Estate & Investor Partnerships for our Los Angeles / Orange County Wave Pool

Surf Lakes SOCAL is seeking Real Estate & Investor Partnerships for our Los Angeles / Orange County Wave Pool


Surf pool Industry momentum

Planned and existing wave pools worldwide

The largest concentration of global surfers (2+ million) live in Los Angeles and Orange County making this area the prime locale for wave pools. In the Coachella Valley alone there are three wave pools in the development phase and 50+ in the planning process worldwide.

The three wave pools planned in the California Coachella Valley all exceed $200M in funding.

Surf Lakes Pool

Los Angeles and Orange County market is largest concentration of existing surfers in the world.

With currently only two-dozen surf parks worldwide, the Surf Lakes SoCal opportunity is positioned with the right technology and the right time for development and investment.

Additional Market Growth Indicators

The World Surf League is now running televised events through the Kelly Slater Wave Pool.

Surfing, now in the Olympics, has the potential to be run in a wave pool, bringing more exposure and demand to wave pools on a global level.

Surf media is covering wave pools regularly and there is a marked increase in wave pool related events.

The Next Wave

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Surf Lakes Wave Technology

Surf Lakes technology represents a revolution in surfing. Surf Lakes works by generating concentric waves that radiate outwards from a central wave generator. Each wave breaks on a variety of submerged reefs and shorelines. Each reef captures the energy of the swell at different points and shapes the resulting wave, thus creating a variety of sizes and shapes of waves.

From beginner to pro Surf Lakes waves will suit any surfer. From beach style rolling waves, pipeline style A-Frame, Kirra style barrels to wedge style barrels our waves are guaranteed to meet every surfing level from beginner right through to pro.

Peaks are important. Our highest peaks can grow to eight feet and vary in between.

Having a variety of peaks and wave sizes allow Surf Lakes to host events such as surf competitions, surf lessons, other water events such as jet ski events, swimming / triathlon events, surf live-saving clubs / training, plus a variety of others.

Providing a Quality, consistent surfing environment

has never been so easy

Based on a conservative hypothetical forecast the potential revenue offerings for surfing when charged per wave are:

• Max 2,400 waves per hr

• Base, on average, 1,200 per hr

• 8 hrs per day = 9,600 waves

• x $5 per wave = $48k per day

• x 300 days per annum = $14.4m

There may a number of potential revenue collection scenarios including:

• Pay by wave

• Pay by hour

• Pay by membership

• Pay by entry to facility

For surfers there are many advantages to surfing at a Surf Lake wave pool like:

• Average wave length 200-260 feet

• Variety of wave types and sizes

• Guaranteed, consistent waves

• Ability to learn and train outside the typical beach front environment

Being a 360 degree facility also allows for varying sports or events to take place simultaneously. By including a Surf Lakes facility in a rounded sports centre, the sky is the limit. As per the Outdoor Industry Association, in the USA alone, around 140 million people regularly participate in outdoor recreational activities and they prove it with their wallets, by spending $646 billion each year in the United States alone.

Additional revenue streams Could Include

  • Entry fee (beach access)
  • Learn to surf schools
  • Night surfing
  • Food & beverage
  • Product sales (boards, fins, wetsuits, clothes)
  • Equipment hire (boards, watercraft, wetsuits)
  • Commercial leasing to third parties (e.g. food vendors)
  • Accommodations
  • Property development
  • Corporate events and conferences
  • Surf competitions
  • School sports program & comps
  • Shoreline activities (e.g. rock climbing, trampolines)
  • Childcare / play center
  • Birthdays / private groups
  • Scuba / Snorkeling / Swimming (wave machine off)
  • Education / “Surf College”

Licensee Team

Drew Boyles
David Likins
Jeffrey Dermer
General Counsel
Eddie Lester
VP of Corporate Development
Devin Charhon

Real Estate & Investment Inquiries

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